Pig Feed Suppliers: Where To Buy Pig Feed

Pigs usually require feeding twice a day. This can very sometimes due to the breed of pig, the age of it or whether it’s in a fertile state.

If you’ve got a wide open space then a foraging pig will get some of its food from the environment such as grass, acorns, worms and if you live near an orchard even apples, which is why the Gloucestershire Old Spot got the nickname Orchard Pig 🙂

Despite pigs being able to fend for themsleves if you want a healthy animals that produces the best quality meat at the end of it’s life it is important to supplement this with high quality pig feed.

Using pig feed ensures that the pig receives all the nutrients it requires. The problem is of course, finding a reliable pig feed supplier. Just like when buying food for yourself, you want to know where your pig feed has come from and what’s in it.

Types of Pig Feed

There are many types of pig feeds available and they are all made with different ingredients to ensure a balance diet for different needs.

For weaners there are basically 3 types of pig feed available, they start on something known in the industry as pig creep feeds and that’s ideal for weaners between 5 and 15 weeks. They then progress onto grower rations which are lower in protein and then onto finisher rations which of course takes them through the final stages of growth.

It’s always advisable to read the pig feed manufacturer’s descriptions to see the weight range of pig each feed has been created for.

ig feed is sold in many different forms such as pencils, pellets, cakes, nuts and rolls etc. These are just vairations as to how the mix has been shaped, and has no impact on the the nutrient content. The choice is really yours with that one, but the larger shapes like rolls tend to be better in outdoor weather conditions. Especially in damp conditions.

Pig Feed Prices

The cost of pig feeds varies widely between pig feed companies and swine feed manufacturers, buying locally will usually help save on delivery costs so head over to Google and run some searches for pig feed suppliers in your area – keep it simple – searches like “pig feed suppliers in lancashire, pig feed suppliers northern ireland, pig feed suppliers north west” will usually yield the best results.

And you’ll be supporting local businesses which can only be a good thing.

How to Increase Pig Feed Efficiency

Pig feed is expensive so here are some tips on making your pig feeding processes more efficient:

  • Don’t scimp on the quality of feed post weaning
  • Don’t overfeed pigs protein that are heavier than 80KG
  • Maximise feed intakes, especially in the smaller breed pigs – ensure water supply, stocking density and feed space
  • Buy feed in bulk – cheaper prices and cheaper delivery costs.

Things to Look out for in a Pig Feed Supplier

  • Check they are part of the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS)
  • Try and support family owned businesses
  • Google the company and check to see if there are any reviews or feedback from customers

List of Pig Feed Suppliers

Here’s a list of pig feed suppliers to get you started:

  • Duffields – manufacturers of animal feeds from strategically placed mills which are UFAS approved.
  • Mole Valley – started in 1960 by a small group of farmers around South Molton who were concerned by the discriminatory practices and the large margins being taken by many of their input suppliers.
  • Massey Feeds – family business with over 100 years experience with a reputation for investing in the latest technology to produce animal feeds.

If you would like to add your site to this pig feed suppliers list please contact us.

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