Micro Pigs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a list of questions about micro pigs? How much do they cost? Where can you buy a micro pig? Here’s some frequently asked question to help you out:

What Actually is a Micro Pig?

We’ll start with the most common question, “what is a micro pig”. Basically a micro pig is a miniature pot bellied pig. The name “Micro Pig” was created by the media when they became fashionable and it just stuck with the breed. Before this term was coined they were commonly known as miniature pot bellied pigs.

There’s no real official definition but DEFRA states that ‘a micro pig is an animal specially bred to be smaller in adulthood than other pig species’

How Much are Micro Pigs?

The price of micro pigs varies from breeder to breeder and where abouts in the UK are. Strictly speaking you will pay anywhere between £200-£800 each depending on age, sex and colour. Most micro pig sellers will offer a deal if you were to buy a pair rather than just one.

If you are looking for breeding stock they can be anywhere between £5,000 to £10,000. Any male micro pigs you buy that aren’t breeding stock will come castrated.

What Do I need to do in order to Keep a Micro Pig?

The most important aspect of keeping a micro pig is a responsible owner who will remain committed to caring for their pet and its ongoing welfare. We always say, a micro pig is for life, not just for Christmas.

We’d recommend you read our guide on keeping pigs for everything you need to know.

But as a snapshop you will also need an adequate secure outdoor enclosure of at least 36 square meters and to provide waterproof housing i.e a small pig ark or large dog kennel.

There is also a legal requirement for buying and keeping micro pigs, this is called a CPH (Council Parish Holding) number. CPH registration is is free of charge and your application is made to the RPA (Rural Payments Agency).

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How Big do Micro Pigs Get?

Because Micro pigs are cross bred this means that they can vary quite significantly in their size and shape. Some can be as small as 13″ high or in some cases as tall as a medium sized dog like a labrador. Which will be about to knee height of a human.

Our top tip is whenever you are planning purchasing a micro pig you should go and view the parents. This will give you a good idea of size that you will eventually grow to. Micor pigs are not fully grown until they reach 3 years of age.

How long does a micro pig live for?

The average life span of a micro pig is between 12-15 years. Some of course can live longer than this if you take very good care of them.

How much does it cost to keep a micro pig?

The beauty of Micro pigs is that they are very easy and cheap to keep. An adult micro pigs main diet consists of a pig pellet which is sold in a large sacks from pet stores of pig feed suppliers for around £10 a bag.

If you aren’t over feeding your pig this should last one pig around a month, other costs include treats which can be supplemented with their pellets such as carrots, apples etc.

Does my Micro Pig need any vacinations?

We can’t stress enough at how important it is that your micro pig is regulary wormed every six months. This can be done through vaccination or taken as a natural food supplement that is added to their food.

Can I take my Micro Pig on a walk?

Whilst Micro pigs do not need daily walking, you can take them on walks if you so wish. If you decide to walk your pig you will need a walking license which can be obtained from DEFRA.

What Can I feed my Micro Pig?

Specialist pig feed is always recommended, you should not under any circumstances feed your pig any of the following:

  • No toxic plants (these should be removed from their living area)
  • No meats (i.e. cat food, dog food, et)
  • No chocolate
  • Household waste, leftovers
  • No alcohol
  • Any other fruit and veg which has been in contact with meats or eggs

What are the daily requirements of keeping a Micro Pig?

  1. Freedom to express normal behaviour – Provision of sufficient and appropriate space, interest and the company of other pigs.
  2. Freedom from hunger and thirst – Ready access to fresh water and a balanced ration which maintains full health and vigour.
  3. Freedom from discomfort – Provision of a suitable environment and a comfortable resting area.
  4. Freedom from fear and distress – Sympathetic stockmanship, constant environmental conditions and freedom from aggression by other pigs.
  5. Freedom from pain, injury and disease – Prevention where possible and prompt diagnosis and treatment when injuries or disease occur.

Are Micro Pig Clean Animals?

Absolutely, it’s such a misconception that pigs are dirty animals. Pigs are naturally very clean animals. They will never soil their sleeping area and will always
use the toilet outside. Pigs are cleaner than many humans!

Can I keep my Micro pig on it’s own?

In our opinion pigs should be kept in pair or more that is why many micro pig sellers will do discounts for pairs. They do bond well with other animals especially dogs and cats so that is always an option.

If you are going to keep a micro pig on its own you need to make sure it has contact with other animals, ideally a dog/cat with a good temperament. Any micro pig breeder, should and will in many cases refuse to sell you a micro pig if it is going to be completely left on it own and have no contact with other animals.

Got any more questions about Micro Pigs? Feel free to contact us.

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