Pictures of Pigs – The Best of the Best

Possible the cutest of all the farm yard animals around and definitely the most intelligent, let’s take a look at some of the cutest pig pictures imaginable:

1. The Cute Little Piglet

With an inquisitive look on his face is this little piglet about to head out of the bounds on a mini adventure?

Cute Little Piglet

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2. Pigs Can Be Pets Too!

Who says you can’t take a Pig for a walk? In some cases they’re just as big a fan of affection as a mans best friend.

Pet Pig on a Lead

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3. The Sleepy Piglet

This baby KuneKune piglet has clearly had a tiring day 🙂

Sleepy Piglet

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4. Three Little Pigs

They look like they’re waiting for someone, or something!

Three Little Pigs

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5. Piglets on the Farm

Someone knows where the camera is 😉

Some Little Berkshire Piglets

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6. Camera Shy Pig

What are you looking at?

Eyes Covered Pig

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7. Inquisitive Piglets

What’s all the commotion about??

Inquisitive Piglets

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8. Pig Heaven

Where better to fall asleep than a giant patch of mud?

Pig Heaven

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9. Pig in the Snow


Pig in the Snow

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10. Proud Mama Pig


Proud Mama

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So there you have it, the cutest pictures of pigs around. If you have any pig pictures you want to share please include them in the comments section below.

And if you want to find probably the best collection of pig pictures out there please check out the flickr group specifically dedicated to them, there’s 1000’s of great images!

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